Aldgate Lantern Parade Returns Full Of Homemade Ethereal Lights

Harry Rosehill
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Aldgate Lantern Parade Returns Full Of Homemade Ethereal Lights

Winter lights festivals dominate London every Christmas. But there's one that does things a little bit differently.

While Christmas at Kew, Enchanted Eltham, Winterfest and all the rest are stunners, they're also rather slick affairs. You can't really get involved, or imitate any of the lights in your own home. That's where the Aldgate Lantern Parade comes in — a light festival with a homemade touch.

Aldgate lanterns being held aloft

This is the third edition of the light parade put on by the City of London Corporation. It's expected that more than 500 participants (of all ages) will carry their lanterns through the heart of London this year. The event kicks off at Sir John Cass's Foundation Primary School at around 4.45pm, on Friday 6 December, before making its way through Aldgate. The parade marches along to a beat provided by Barbican's Drum Works, before finishing up at a festive fete in Aldgate Square.

There are lantern making workshops in the Aldgate area in the run-up to the event, with a focus on sustainability this year. You can find these workshops every Wednesday in November, 5-7pm, in Kahaila Aldgate or from 9-30 November, 2pm-4pm at Artizan Street Library.

Last Updated 22 November 2019