The Vaults Transforms Into A Whole New World For This Aladdin-Themed Feast

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The Vaults Transforms Into A Whole New World For This Aladdin-Themed Feast
Disney this ain't.

If you've ever ventured into the labyrinthine Vaults venue below Waterloo station, you'll know it's a Whole New World. Fitting then, that's it's about to host a wild feast, themed on Aladdin.

An "immersive panto for grown-ups", Aladdin and The Feast of Wonders features exotically-dressed drag acts, on-table dancing, swinging chandeliers, filthy jokes and banging music. There's a five-course gastronomic banquet, too.

Disney it certainly ain't.

Beauty and the Feast was pretty spectacular

Arrive kitted out as a street urchin, or dressed in your dazzling finery. The experience takes you through Scrubbers Lane and the widow's laundrette, via an appointment at the Sultan's Palace, before the night winds up street party style.

That feast sounds pretty delectable too — coffee infusions, boxes of exotic street food and jewel-themed cocktails.

Image: Shutterstock. Expect some lamp-ooning of the original story

The masterminds behind it are Darling & Edge, the group that put on Beauty and the Feast. And if THAT rip-roaring show is anything to go by, this one's going to go Ja-far.

Aladdin and The Feast of Wonders, The Vaults, 1 October 2019-15 January 2020. Early bird tickets now on sale, £35. Other tickets £40-£75

Last Updated 27 August 2019