This Legendary Theatre Is Moving One Door Down

Harry Rosehill
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This Legendary Theatre Is Moving One Door Down
Photo: Nick Rutter

The majority of Londoners will move homes at least once in their life. As too do many businesses. But while plenty of us up sticks across neighbourhoods and the entire city, The King's Head Theatre in Angel is keeping it local, by moving just one door down.

The King's Head claims to be London's oldest pub theatre — although we have no way to confirm that and actually think that The Old Red Lion down the road might predate it by a bit more than a decade. However what we are certain of is this: The King's Head Theatre is marking its 50th anniversary, by making possibly the shortest move in theatre history.

Why's it moving? Well the space could no longer contain the fringe theatre's epic ambition, so a new space that's over double the size has been purpose built next door. The old theatre had 110 seats compared to the new one's 249, and there's an 85 seat-studio, a bar, a cafe, and offices.

The King's Head has a proud history of promoting young British talent: names such as Joanna Lumley, Tom Stoppard, Hugh Grant, Dawn French, Steven Berkoff and Alan Rickman have all plied their trade in the building. This move should ensure the next generation, have just as many chances to work on their craft.

The King's Head Theatre hopes to move from 115-116 Upper Street, to its new premises in the neighbouring Islington Square later this year.

Last Updated 09 March 2020