100 Actors Will Stage An Epic Retelling Of The Easter Story, In Trafalgar Square

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100 Actors Will Stage An Epic Retelling Of The Easter Story, In Trafalgar Square
Jesus (James Burke-Dunsmore) breaks bread with his disciples. Image: Wintershall

A 100-strong cast returns to Trafalgar Square on Good Friday, for an epic live portrayal of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus.

Wintershall, a theatre company based in the Surrey countryside, has been putting on their monumental play, The Passion of Jesus, in central London since 2010. The two Good Friday performances — which are free to watch — regularly attract more than 20,000 people. Wintershall says the production is "a gift to Londoners and visitors."

James Burke-Dunsmore will portray Jesus for his 11th and final time. Image: Wintershall

Epic story, staggering cast size

The show depicts the arrest, trial and crucifixion of Jesus by the Romans — before he miraculously rises from the dead on Easter Sunday. Ambitious staging features scores of Roman centurions, branch-waving 'crowds', and the erection of three crucifixes.

There is a realistic depiction of the crucifixion, which might be too graphic for younger audience members. Image: Wintershall

Described as 'electric' and 'moving', the show is mic-ed up, with large screens placed around Trafalgar Square, broadcasting the two 90-minute performances. Interpreters provide British Sign Language.

The Passion of Jesus also features live animals; 'Pontius Pilate' rides into the Square on horseback ("George loves the attention of the crowds," we're told; presumably George is the horse). A donkey named Chester will also appear. Experienced handlers accompany the animals, ensuring everything's safe and comfortable for them.

Actors playing Roman centurions form part of a 100-strong cast. Image: Wintershall

Jesus for the last time

Professional actor James Burke-Dunsmore plays the lead role for the 11th time, but this will be his final appearance as Jesus. He told us in 2019 that he maintains his hair and beard year-round: "It saves a fortune in razors."

The production has developed a considerable reputation and following since its premiere 12 years ago. In 2011 the Queen awarded the cast and crew the Queen's Award for Voluntary Service.

This was a significant moment for Wintershall, coming from humble beginnings. Peter Hutley founded the volunteer group in his home in 1989, initially producing performances inside an 18th century barn behind the house.

Interpreters will provide British Sign Language alongside the performances. Image: Wintershall

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan said: "For more than a decade, The Passion of Jesus has brought together people from all backgrounds with its lasting message of compassion and courage. It has been an inspiration and source of strength to millions."

Wintershall's goal is to have the show performed across the UK every year on Good Friday, and they're encouraging other groups to organise their own productions.

The Passion of Jesus, Trafalgar Square, 15 April at 12pm and 3.15 pm (performances 90 minutes each). It's free to attend. You can also stream live on Facebook

Last Updated 05 April 2022