How Far Can You Travel In 30 Minutes? This App Shows You

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 11 months ago
How Far Can You Travel In 30 Minutes? This App Shows You

Ohhh. A new travel app to play with.

While many apps already do a fine job of getting you from A to B, Travel Time allows you to be more playful.

Say you've got a free half day to go exploring. It picks up your location (or you can punch it in). Then choose how long you're willing to stay on publish transport for... et voila — the results appear in a splodge of Pepto-Bismol pink:

Public transport isn't the only mode of getting about: you can also select driving, walking, cycling — or a combo of driving and train. We can see Travel Time working especially well for impromptu Sunday strolls. (The app only displays walkable routes, not as the crow flies, using an average speed of 4km per hour.) So say you've had a hearty roast in Holborn and fancy a 90-minute walk to burn it off: how about a leisurely promenade to Brompton Cemetery:

(Probably best to then use CityMapper to find you the best route TO Brompton Cemetery. And home.)

Travel Time is still in its nascent stages, and far from perfect. One complaint from users seems to be that they can't see a location they know they can get to in, say, less than 30 minutes. The makers have explained: "This is because this map assumes the user departs at 8am and must arrive by 8.45am. They must walk to the station, wait, board, travel and reach the destination."

Even so, fixes are being made all the time. And they're eager for feedback. So have a play.

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Last Updated 02 August 2018