Splash Your Christmas Cash In Londonist's January Sale!

Will Noble
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Splash Your Christmas Cash In Londonist's January Sale!

Want to spend your Christmas cash on something that screams your love of London from the rooftops?

Get over to the Londonist store, where our exclusive merch is currently up to 20% off. Offer extended: now ends Sunday 20 January.

Mugs - now just £8.50

Ever noticed how much better tea tastes when drunk from your own postcode? No? Buy one of our mugs and find out for yourself.

Prints - now just £15.29

Your wall is frankly naked without one of our Londonist prints — devised and created by our own in-house cartographer/Londonphile, M@.

T shirts - now just £14.39

Wear your love of this crazy ol' city on your chest. Whether it's a cheeky 'Mind the Gap' number or a shout-out for your own 'hood, we think you'll find something that you'll want to flaunt everywhere you go.

Visit our merch shop now.

Last Updated 15 January 2019