House Full Of Toys? Here's How To Give Them A New Home

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House Full Of Toys? Here's How To Give Them A New Home

Got young kids? With Christmas out the way, your home is probably a whirlpool of action figures, Lego bricks and flashing, beeping plastic nonsense that won't ever shut the crap up until daddy accidentally hides the batteries in the top of the wardrobe.

Time to downsize the toy department.

Step forward the Salvation Army, whose Big Toy Homing scheme will help you declutter the toybox, while passing on donations to kids who actually want them.

All you have to do* is take unloved toys into a branch of The Entertainer, and they'll be redistributed by the Salvation Army to families living in poverty across the country.

Won't somebody think of the kids?

In a trial scheme last year, some 16,000 toys dodged landfill and gave a bit of joy elsewhere. It's exactly like Toy Story, but without the Randy Newman soundtrack.

London branches of The Entertainer can be found in Bexleyheath, Brent Cross, Bromley, Croydon, Hammersmith, Ilford, Kingston, Orpington, Romford, Stratford Westfield, Wandsworth, Wimbledon, White City Westfield and Uxbridge.

*Of course, what will actually happen is this. You'll excavate some old toys from the bottom of the cupboard, only for junior to yelp in delight at the sudden reappearance of the forgotten plaything. Good luck persuading them you need to declutter.

Last Updated 08 January 2020