Gorillas: The New App Bringing You Hyper-Local London Produce, In Under 10 Minutes

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Gorillas: The New App Bringing You Hyper-Local London Produce, In Under 10 Minutes

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Picture the scene: it's almost dinnertime and you're out of your favourite curry paste. You need it right now, or tonight's Panang is off the table. Do you make a dressing gown-clad dash to the deli in the vain hope you get there before closing time? Settle for whatever sad ready meal's in the freezer instead?

Luckily, you now have a third option: Gorillas. This new, hyper-local delivery app brings you groceries from businesses in your neighbourhood in just ten minutes or less. And it's environmentally-friendly to boot.

Gorillas uses electric bicycles to deliver goods within a 2k radius of each of their warehouses. Such compact areas of operation guarantee super speedy delivery times — so you can be sure you'll get what you need when you need it.

A substantial portion of Gorillas' stock is local produce and the company has already partnered with a range of excellent bakeries, butchers, breweries and more in Shoreditch and Islington, where the app first launched in the UK earlier this year.

To name but a few, these include Chestnut Bakery, Rinkoff Bakery, and London Fields Brewery — but you can expect plenty more neighbourhood favourites to join the list as the on-demand groceries business continues its London expansion.

Right now, you can enjoy Gorillas' lightning-quick service in Islington, Shoreditch, Kennington and Brixton. Holloway, Battersea and Peckham will join the party later this month, and the company aims to have the entirety of London covered by mid-summer.

That means no matter where you are in the capital, you'll soon be able to enjoy the convenience of on-demand shopping while supporting your favourite small businesses. You'll also be supporting a business that prioritises job security — unlike many similar models, Gorillas' riders are salaried, entitling them to annual leave and sick pay on top of a guaranteed income.

On top of guaranteeing carbon neutral delivery, Gorillas uses minimal plastic —none at all, where possible — for its fresh produce.

The groceries app's commitment to sustainability doesn't stop there, though. It also works with Too Good To Go, the app that offers customers high quality produce at a discount, simply because it's close to its sell-by-date. Gorillas has also donated hundreds of meals to The Felix Project, a charity that simultaneous fights hunger and waste by redistributing surplus food to those who really need it.

Basically, if you're looking for a more convenient way to shop that doesn't compromise on sustainability and fairness, you've found it. Get Gorillas today and discover what local treats you can get sent swiftly to your door.

Last Updated 06 April 2021