Urine Deflectors And Where To Find Them

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Last Updated 16 September 2022

Urine Deflectors And Where To Find Them

It's not easy to piss on the Bank of England. The one quiet niche — in the north-east corner — is protected by a urine deflector. Any gent who attempts to relieve himself here will find that his gold deposit is most unwelcome. The urine deflector's sloping top will repatriate any piddle.

Urine deflectors are fairly common around town. Many hide in plain sight, built into the contours of the architecture. Others are less subtle, like this robust shielding in Clifford's Inn Passage, Fleet Street — probably Victorian.

Non shall piss!

There's another putative wazzbaffle at the foot of the Savoy. If you ever wondered what the opposite of a urinal looks like, then here it sits.

Such preventative measures don't always work. A determined wall wetter will always get through. The photo below shows the partition alongside Aldgate station. The slanted discharge-shield should discourage. Yet someone's overcome the twin fears of pooling and splashback to wazz all over it.

We've barely got our toes wet with anti-urine devices. If you'd like to learn more, Lee Jackson has already marked this territory, with some historical context.

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