Seen This Miniature Shard Sculpture In Bermondsey?

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Seen This Miniature Shard Sculpture In Bermondsey?
The Shared sculpture

A miniature version of the Shard, crafted by a local community, can be found off Bermondsey Street.

Cannily known as 'The Shared', the roughly four-metre high sculpture was conceived by local artist Austin Emery and housing organisation Leathermarket JMB. It was installed in 2014.

Little Londonist examines this most community-focussed sculpture.

In contrast to its shiny, commercial counterpart at London Bridge, The Shared has a strong community focus. It stands within the Tyers housing estate and was partly created by its residents. The stone spire is faced with many smaller sculptures, hewn by over 100 amateurs, including children, during public workshops in 2012.

The Shared closeup
Stone sculptures on The Shared

In an added twist, the obelisk contains stone fragments from Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and the nearby London Bridge Station. It also includes small niches for the use of animals.

The artist is currently working on a similar project on another Bermondsey Estate, to be known as The Cornerstone.

The Shared and the Shard

All in all, one of London's more remarkable works of public art. Find it on Carmarthen Place, off Bermondsey Street.

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