Hackney Trio Pit '90s Rappers Against Each Other

By Danny Lavelle Last edited 17 months ago
Hackney Trio Pit '90s Rappers Against Each Other
Who trumps who?

If you're the kind of person who regularly gets into squabbles with friends over which 90s rapper was the most G'd up, had the sickest rhymes, the brightest bling, and changed the game, then the guys behind Rapper Trumps have finally allowed you to settle the score.

Rapper Trumps is a card game devised by three friends and residents of Hackney, Ben Bishop, Tom Bird and Mark Bellamy. The east London trio came up with the idea while regularly debating the attributes of their favourite rappers from the 90s: “this was the perfect opportunity for us to put it on paper! Ben thought we should put it into a card game. It's great, it gives so much opportunity for discussion and debate that we know 90s rap fans have,” Bird said.

Lil Kim

The game is much like Top Trumps, and consists of 32 cards. Each rapper is scored out of 100 on lyrical ability, bling, criminality, impact, and they each have a unique “Wild Card.” However, the scores that Bird and the gang have assigned may not chime with every 90s hip hop fan.“We are happy with the scores but they are our opinion so it does open us up to criticism but for us, that is part of the fun,” Bird said.

Legendary rap producer Dr Dre only received a lyrical ability of 25 for instance, and fans of Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer are gonna be hating.  Plus lil' Kim and Lauryn Hill are the only women in the game, overlooking legendary lyricists like Queen Latifah and the Lady of Rage.

If you were ever wondering about who would have the edge in a battle between Big L and MF Doom, or if the Fresh Prince is as slick as...well Slick Rick, then Rapper Trumps is where it's at.

Stay tuned for another pack due to be released in September that will feature rappers from the early 00s to now. You can pick up the nineties pack now for £9.99.

Last Updated 18 August 2017