The George & Vulture

The George & Vulture

The George & Vulture on Pitfield Street: dates back to 1870 and, their website and social really want to you to know, THE TALLEST PUB IN LONDON ever since.  

A weird flex, because having canvassed all of the G&V-lovers among our friends, none have ever been upstairs and most of us hadn't known there was one.

And it's not like they're short of other things to shout about in all-caps.

A good range of craft beer and old-school macrobreweries on tap; an even better range of whisky.

By winter: mulled cider, fireplace, and armchairs. By summer: an airy, light-flooded main room, huge windows open onto the street, and outdoor tables — okay, also on the street, but a quiet (by London standards), neighbourhoody one.

A mix of small tables tucked into warmly lit corners perfect for romance/shady business dealings, and huge Victorian 12-seaters perfect for birthdays/ordering two of every pizza/and maybe group romance.

And Sodo Pizza in the kitchen. In a lesser pub their Wicker Man — nduja, mascarpone, scotch bonnet chilli honey — would be the main attraction. At the G&V it's just a bonus level unlocked.

2 for 1 Pizza Monday emergency. Image by Lydia Manch.

Other G&V vital stats:

- A no-ball-games policy, which means the only times we've ever seen the big screen rolled down and put to work is for Muppets Christmas Carol and other important classics

- Two for one Pizza Mondays

- Bookable tables and space held for walk-ins

- Not to be confused with the George & Vulture on Castle Street, a very different flavour of establishment with zero (0) Sodo on the menu

The George & Vulture: doing so many things right that they could be the shortest pub in London and we'd still love them.

The George & Vulture, Pitfield Street, Hoxton.

Last visited: December 2022.

Address: The George & Vulture 63 Pitfield Street, London N1 6BU

Monday: 12pm - 11pm

Tuesday: 12pm - 11pm

Wednesday: 12pm - 11pm

Thursday: 12pm - 11pm

Friday: 12pm - 11pm

Saturday: 12pm - 12am

Sunday: 12pm - 12am

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