Long Arm Pub And Brewery

Long Arm Pub And Brewery

Is it a pub, or a bar... or even a hotel bar? We're not sure quite what category Long Arm falls under, but it's a bloody good addition to the south Shoreditch area.

This is a bold, brash, spacious kind of place, designed to pack in the punters yet also quirky round the edges. One end's given over to the in-house brewery, packed with shiny tanks. The other end contains a relaxing side-room with comfy chairs, games and a pool table. In-between is the bar, which can certainly bustle on a Friday night.

The beer's mostly brewed on site. We've yet to be blown away by any of the house beers (on three separate visits), but they're certainly pleasant and fresh. Look out for the happy hour (4-6pm) which, at least on our most recent visit, offered two-litre steins for the price of a pint.

Our Laura really, really loves beer.

Make sure you go to the toilets (you'll need to if you down a stein). The corridor leads through to the neighbouring hotel, which all looks rather grand.

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Last updated September 2018.

Address: Long Arm Pub & Brewery, Worship Street 20-26 Worship Street, London EC2A 2DX

Phone: 020 3873 4065


Monday: 11am-midnight

Tuesday: 11am-midnight

Wednesday: 11am-midnight

Thursday: 11am-midnight

Friday: 11am-midnight

Saturday: 11am-midnight

Sunday: noon-8pm

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