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Is Hootenanny a pub or a state of mind? This raucous venue, which neighbours the Effra Social (see above), pulsates with 70s disco, tropical house, Queen as reimagined by brass bands, eardrum-bursting drum 'n' bass and jazz/funk open jam sessions that'll be swirling round your cochlea for the remainder of the weekend. If it's not the beating heart of Brixton, Hootenanny is at least one of its vital nightlife organs. You needn't have it large to get in on the action though — there's Balkan pub grub, and a fairy light-strewn beer garden.

Image courtesy Hootananny.

Address: Hootananny Brixton 95 Effra Road, London SW2 1DF

Monday: 5pm-midnight

Tuesday: 5pm-midnight

Wednesday: 5pm-midnight

Thursday: 5pm-2am

Friday: 3pm-3am

Saturday: 3pm-3am

Sunday: 3pm-midnight

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