BrewDog Waterloo

BrewDog Waterloo

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London's largest pub? It has to be a contender. If you can call it a pub, that is. It could be classed as a bar or restaurant. The late opening (till 2am some nights) could make it a club. Or, with the inclusion of an improbable helter-skelter, might this be a funfair?

The clincher for us is the beer choice. As with all Brewdogs, the ale selection is vast, mostly drawn from the brewery's own tipples. Not everyone's a fan of the company, but it's hard to argue that they don't do good beer.

Brewdog waterloo interior with slide

The vast, multistorey venue is in a very odd place. Approaching from Waterloo station, you have to go through the still-half-empty (at time of writing) Sidings shopping centre, where the footfall is limited. More potential punters come from the western side, where the popular Leake Street graffiti tunnel offers passing trade.

Leake Street entrance to Brewdog

It's just about possible to order from the bar (we had to holler to get attention). The 'done thing' is to order from your table via QR, app or catching the eye of a passing staff member. Such is the inexorable direction of 2020s drinking.

Address: BrewDog Waterloo Unit G, Waterloo Station, 01 The Sidings, London SE1 7BH

Phone: 020 7397 1010

[email protected]


Monday: 7.30am-11.30pm

Tuesday: 7.30am-11.30pm

Wednesday: 7.30am-2am

Thursday: 7.30am-2am

Friday: 7.30am-2am

Saturday: 9am-12.30am

Sunday: 9am-11.30am

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