In Pictures: Brexit Protesters Soaking Wet In The Westminster Rain

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 34 months ago

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In Pictures: Brexit Protesters Soaking Wet In The Westminster Rain

It's cold, it's wet and people are tired.

As prime minister Theresa May puts her latest plans for a Brexit deal to the Commons, the chill March rain seems to reflect the mood of protesters in Westminster.

Pro-Brexit brollies, and rubber rings shaped like unicorns, set the tone for dampened protestations across from the Houses of Parliament. And while a few chime in with songs like "Goodbye EU" to the tune of Auld Lang Syne, others shelter beneath umbrellas and raincoats, stoically clutching placards.

While Brexit may or may not be about to reach its next meaningful stage — and while these weather-braving voters hold on as strongly as ever to their opinions — there's a decided lethargy in the air. Even Charlie Chaplin seems to be sick of it.

The lack of vocal sparring between pro and anti Brexit groups is discerning. Maybe emotions have been cooled by the rain. Maybe it's the attrition of 33 months of uncertainty.

Whatever the case, this is less Westminster, more Wet-minster.

While MPs vote later this evening, and Brexit negotiations creep forwards (or don't) there'll be some flags — Union and EU — rung out in bathtubs tonight.

Last Updated 12 March 2019