Black Lives Matter Virtual Protest: 22,000 People Join Online

By Lydia Manch Last edited 48 months ago

Last Updated 08 June 2020

Black Lives Matter Virtual Protest: 22,000 People Join Online

Joining across Zoom, Instagram and Facebook Live, and from across the world, 22,000 people took part in virtual anti-racism protests yesterday in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, and in sync with  protests taking place in London at the US Embassy in Vauxhall.

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Sunday's virtual protest mixed live streams from the protests taking place in London, with a virtual line-up of speakers including George The Poet, writer Rob Berkeley (from BlackOutUK), writer and producer Siana Bangura (from BLM UK) and Apollo Sankara (from LDN BLM).

Comments from the speakers addressed manifestations of systemic racism in the UK, including — among others — the hugely disproportionate impact of coronavirus on the Black community, the treatment of the Windrush generation, the disproportionate use of stop-and-search powers against Black people, and the many, often unreported, deaths in police custody.

Calls to action included the reminder from Sankara to continue and increase organised activism, and practical allyship — including donations, self-education and a commitment to ongoing work — commenting, 'It takes a system to topple systems'.  

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