Pigeon Panic: World's First AR App For Scaring Pigeons

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Last Updated 06 October 2017

Pigeon Panic: World's First AR App For Scaring Pigeons

Next time you're in Trafalgar Square, look out for people running around shouting 'shoo!' while staring maniacally at their phone screens. It might be us.

We quickly got addicted to Pigeon Panic — a new app from London-based Combo Studio.

The free app uses your phone's camera to superimpose pigeon food all over the floor. Virtual pigeons then flock about your screen, attempting to gobble up the treats. Your mission is to run at the digital doves (actually run, in real life, using your legs) and scare the blighters away.

Now you can feed pigeons next to a 'do not feed pigeons' sign without fear of admonishment.

We put the app through its paces in Trafalgar Square — where pigeon feeding is banned. What's the verdict? Pigeon Panic is the dumbest, most unsophisticated game we've ever played. By comparison, Flappy Bird looks like a doctoral thesis.

Shoo, birds, shoo!

But it's also tremendous fun, right up to the point where you almost smack your head on the statue of Henry Havelock in a vain attempt to scare one last bird before the time runs out. (This actually happened.)

The ones that got away.

Don't download Pigeon Panic if you have any dignity. Do download Pigeon Panic if you have a sense of humour and don't mind making a tit of yourself in public.

Pigeon Panic is available as a free app for people with iPhones. Android users have more sense.