The Quagmire Of Debt Explored In The Trap

The Trap, Omnibus Theatre ★★☆☆☆

Sophia Shluger
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The Quagmire Of Debt Explored In The Trap The Trap, Omnibus Theatre 2
Photo: Laura Harling

Kieran Lynn’s The Trap follows a day at The Debt Duck payday loans company where four characters of equally ruinous financial condition come to a head while trying to expropriate money.

The set within the traverse stage is interestingly positioned, as are the scenes presented in an anachronistic style. Strong performances by the four-person cast also accentuate the play’s sharp dialogue. That said, it’s not enough to boost this floundering story from the the deep philosophical abyss it digs itself into.

Photo: Laura Harling

How our relationship with money and indebtedness impacts our relationships with others is a lot to address within a play of the comedy genre that is short on humour. Probing questions such as who the real thief is and who deserves blame when everyone is stealing is not adequately resolved by story’s end, leaving the audience needing either more comedy or closure or both.

The Trap, Omnibus Theatre, 1 Clapham Common North Side, SW4 0QW. Until Sunday 19 November.

Last Updated 16 November 2017