Could We BE Any More Excited That This Friends Musical Is Coming To London?

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 10 months ago

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Could We BE Any More Excited That This Friends Musical Is Coming To London?

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Oh. My. God. A musical based on TV show Friends is coming to London.

We say 'based on', but the Friendsical team are at pains to point out that despite being inspired by the six friends from the TV series, the musical is "a loving parody not to be confused with the Warner Bros Entertainment Inc. series Friends".

Basically, it's as close as you're going to get to a Friends musical, without getting any unwanted attention from Warner Bros' lawyers.

The hammy video trailer gives little away about what the show covers, but cast shots show some classic scenes being recreated, including Rachel's entrance in a wedding dress, and Ross reading an 18-page letter (front AND back).

A brief synopsis mentions naked Thursdays (not live on stage, we assume), a power cut, and a dinosaur convention. We've got our fingers crossed for a nod to the infamous pivot scene too.

The opening credits take place in a kiddy paddling pool instead of a stone fountain, and is it just us, or does that theme song sound jarringly almost-familiar?

It's a musical, so what about the tunes? Smelly Cat is out (copyright, no doubt), replaced by new songs including (He’s her) Lobster!, Richard’s Moustache, and You’re Over Me, When Were You Under Me?

Friendsical is at Ashcroft Playhouse in Croydon, 28 October-2 November 2019, and Churchill Theatre in Bromley, 20-22 February 2020. For another dose of Friends nostalgia, book yourself tickets to the Christmas version of FriendsFest, in London 28 November-21 December.

Last Updated 22 October 2019