See An Iconic Opera In The Art Deco Opulence Of Freemasons' Hall

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Last Updated 27 April 2023

See An Iconic Opera In The Art Deco Opulence Of Freemasons' Hall

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Here's a real treat for both opera aficionados and those just getting into the art form: Wagner's Die Walküre inside The Grand Temple at Freemasons' Hall.

Regents Opera, a leading fringe company known for its intimate and immersive productions, has boldly reimagined this second part of the epic "Ring Cycle". It'll be performed in its entirety by an orchestra of just 21. As any seasoned opera-goer will tell you, this is a Big Deal — usually a smaller company like this one would have to make cuts to the piece, but conductor Ben Woodward has rearranged it so you can experience it in full, in a uniquely personal environment. And that's not the only reason to get excited...

For opera novices, Die Walküre is an excellent entry point. Even if you haven't heard of it, you've definitely heard it. The opera's most iconic excerpt, Ride of the Valkyries, has featured in innumerable movies and TV shows — from Apocalypse Now to Looney Tunes. But nothing compares to hearing this exhilarating piece live in its entirety.

The story's a corker, too. The Ring Cycle is based on Norse mythology, and this second of its four instalments involves wrathful gods, forbidden love, and twins separated at birth.

And let's not forget about the venue: the Grand Temple at Freemasons' Hall is a true art deco treasure.  This awe-inspiring space features intricate ceiling mosaics, huge bronze doors, and symbols of masonic ritual — a suitably majestic place to experience Wagner's mythic storytelling.

Die Walküre debuts at the Covent Garden venue on Sunday 21 May, with two more performances scheduled for Tuesday 23 May and Thursday 27 May, respectively. Given that this is a strictly limited run, you'll want to snap up tickets asap.

But fret not if you already have plans — Regents Opera will be back at Freemasons' Hall next year, and this time you'll have the chance to tick off something that's on every Wagnerite's bucket list: the full Ring Cycle. In November and December 2024, Regents Opera will perform all four instalments of this magnum opus across several dates. Balcony seats for the whole thing start at as little as £50 - that works out at about £3 an hour! Book now to avoid disappointment.

Die Walküre, 21-27 May at Freemasons' Hall (Covent Garden).