Be Born Is Clumsy And Amateurish Theatre

Be Born, The Space ★☆☆☆☆

By Chris Bridges Last edited 8 months ago

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Be Born Is Clumsy And Amateurish Theatre Be Born, The Space 1

Late night drinking in a park in Croydon doesn't sound like the most joyous prospect but I suspect it's more fun to do than to watch. Christian Graham's depiction of three old school friends meeting up and randomly airing their issues is a clumsy piece. Lacking in narrative structure or interest and with amateurish production values it feels like a long hour's viewing with some awkwardly performed poetry readings thrown in for added squirm factor.

There's a raft of issues to work through (grief, sexuality, race, disadvantage, parenthood) without much in the way of characterisation to flesh out the shopping list of problems and nothing ever feels anything more than superficial.

It's hard to engage with or care about these characters. The script has the odd flash of genius with the jokes occasionally landing and Abigail Sewell stands out as an angry young gay woman with a drink problem, but other than that it's definitely more swings than roundabouts.

Be Born, The Space, 269 Westferry Road, E14 3RS, £10-£14, until 30 June

Last Updated 28 June 2018