Only 34% Of Londoners Think Romford Is In London, Says This Poll

Only 34% Of Londoners Think Romford Is In London, Says This Poll
Romford train station sign
Romford: it's absolutely not in Essex, but apparently the majority of Londoners think it is. Image: M@/Londonist

Only 34% of Londoners think Romford is in London, according to a YouGov poll from last year.

Despite the former Essex Town becoming part of the London Borough of Havering in 1965 for gawd sakes, a third of 1,135 Londoners questioned by the 2020 poll were ignorant of the fact — or at least chose to ignore it (it's not unusual for people to claim to live in Essex, Surrey or Kent, knowing full well they're officially Londoners).

A map of poll results, including the fact only 33% of Londoners think romford is in london
The results of the poll show that a lot of Londoners need educating. © YouGov

The poll — which quizzed Londoners on whether or not they consider various towns to be part of London — dredged up various other enlightening insights. Only 68% of Londoners consider Croydon to be in London (even though it's in the London Borough of Croydon — clue's in the name, folks). Again, there may be some shoulder-chippage at work; Croydon has fought for decades to break free of its London-forged manacles, to become a city of its own standing, but without success (though in October 2021, residents did vote to have an elected mayor).

We have also watched Channel 4 aghast, as Phil Spencer off-of Location, Location, Location (of all things) claims various properties are in Kent or Surrey, when they're categorically not. Not helpful, Phil.

Croydon town centre, with a bright green tram running through it
Croydon: it's a great place, it's got trams, and it's also in London, OK?

Conversely, others are keen to claim London residency when they have no right to. The poll shows that 28% of Londoners think Dartford is in London (it's not, it's in Kent); and that 27% of Londoners think Watford is in London, when it's in Hertfordshire. In this particular case, it doesn't help that one of the UK's biggest cultural exports misleadingly calls itself Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. (Pedants would stress that the tourist attraction isn't even in Watford, let alone London.)

But you have to feel sorriest for the unitary authority area of Thurrock. 14% of those asked if it was in London or not answered: "I have never heard of this place."

Check out more results from the poll.

Last Updated 22 October 2021

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