Yes, This Stunning Sky Pool IS Still Happening In London

Will Noble
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Yes, This Stunning Sky Pool IS Still Happening In London
Image: Embassy Gardens

In 2017 we were bubbling with excitement at the prospect of London's first 'sky pool'... but then it seemed to sink without a trace.

Fear not: Embassy Gardens' 25-metre-long swimming pool — which will link two residential buildings in Nine Elms at the 10th storey level — is now almost completed.

In Colorado, that is.

The Sky Pool in Colorado. Image: Embassy Gardens

The Embassy Gardens website reports that the entirely transparent pool (it's made from acrylic) is in its final phase of construction in the US, and now undergoing testing and treatments.

Image: Embassy Gardens

That's not the end of the story though: the pool still needs to be shipped to the UK and safely installed — a job that the team of architects, engineers and consultants describe as "a lengthy and complex process," due to the project "pushing boundaries in the capability of construction and engineering."

The pool will be 25m long, 5m wide and 3m deep with a water depth of 1.2m. Image: Embassy Gardens

And let's be honest, a pool hovering 10 storeys above the cold, hard ground is something you want to get right.

Image: Embassy Gardens

The Sky Pool, then, won't be fitted out in time for this year's sunny weather; it's now expected to open summer 2020.

Image: Embassy Gardens

There is one more catch: you'll need to be a resident of Embassy Gardens to take a dip. Something we previously described as tantamount to pressing your face against the window of a posh restaurant and slobbering down the pane while the punters inside scoff expensive steak.

See a video of the Sky Pool being constructed.

Last Updated 02 September 2019