Beluga Whale Spotted Frolicking In The Thames

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 69 months ago

Last Updated 25 September 2018

Beluga Whale Spotted Frolicking In The Thames

A beluga whale has been spotted in the Thames, between Gravesend in Kent and Tilbury in Essex.

Consultant Ecologist & Ornithologist Dave Andrews managed to film the whale, and shared a video on Twitter this morning.

He's since posted two more videos of the whale, saying it hasn't moved more than 200m up or down the river.

The videos show the white whale surfacing occasionally. People have been warned not to approach it, and to stay on the shore.

In 2006, a Northern Bottlenose Whale swam up the Thames until becoming stranded near Battersea and sadly not surviving the ordeal. It is now in the National Research Collection at the Natural History Museum.

Featured image: Dave Andrews