This 'Boris Blimp' Will Fly Over London Tomorrow

By Victoria Smith-Graterol Last edited 59 months ago

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Last Updated 19 July 2019

This 'Boris Blimp' Will Fly Over London Tomorrow

A big Boris Johnson blimp will float over London tomorrow — the third oversized political balloon to adorn the city's skyline in recent years.

The not-so-flattering inflatable was unveiled by the anti-Brexit organisation March for Change, following a £6,000 crowdfunding campaign. Their latest demonstration begins at noon tomorrow (20 July) in Park Lane. The protest, say organisers, seeks to denounce politicians for focusing on Brexit, and ignoring domestic issues such as lack of funding for schools, or the increase in crime.

The blimp is not all that flattering: the probably-soon-to-be prime minister appears to be in the middle of a temper tantrum... and a little sunburnt too. Still: better than wearing a nappy or yellow bikini, right?

The blimp's t shirt mocks Johnson's promise of allocating £350 million a week to the NHS during his pro-Brexit campaign, denouncing this as a "load of hot air."

Johnson is the third politician to be honoured with his own blimp in London, after Donald Trump and Sadiq Khan.