Whoa! North London Just Got A 3D Zebra Crossing

Will Noble
By Will Noble Last edited 63 months ago

Last Updated 01 March 2019

Whoa! North London Just Got A 3D Zebra Crossing

As dedicated flaneurs of London's streets, we're familiar with motorists' (and sometimes cyclists') apparent unfamiliarity with zebra crossings. Show them all stripes and flashing beacons you like — 50% still seem to ignore it.

Enter the 3D zebra crossing. Unveiled near Barrow Hill Junior School, in St John's Wood, north London, the cleverly painted stripes give the impression that approaching vehicles are about to drive over a ramp. The 'dual directional' design mean the 3D effect works from either direction.

The hope is it'll cause drivers/riders to pay more attention, and brake in time, should they need to.

3D crossings have been implemented in India, Malaysia, New Zealand and the United States, but this is the first of its kind in the UK. It'll be trialled for the next nine to 12 months, with the intention of rolling out more in the borough of Westminster after that.

It's in esteemed company; just around the corner is the world's foremost celebrity zebra crossing, outside Abbey Road Studios. Given the hordes of Beatles fans pausing on this zebra for photos every day, vehicles don't have a choice in stopping. Now THAT'S road safety.