35 People Left Sex Toys On The Tube Last Year

Laura Reynolds
By Laura Reynolds Last edited 17 months ago
35 People Left Sex Toys On The Tube Last Year

35 sex toys were left on public transport in London last year — and 15 were later reclaimed by their owners.

The items were handed in to TfL staff by other passengers after being left on tubes, buses and trams across the city. Four doses of viagra were also handed in, but remain unclaimed (apparently none of the owners willing to rise to the challenge of getting it back).

According to the Standard, 744 crutches and 135 wigs were also left behind on public transport.

All unclaimed property is sold off by TfL, raising money to run the lost property office, or is given to charity. We can't imagine there's much of a market for second-hand sex toys though.

We went behind the scenes at TfL's lost property office in 2016, and although we found nothing as saucy as this, take a look at what we did discover:

Last Updated 01 August 2017