Taylor Swift In London: Concerts, Brunches And Other Themed Events

Taylor Swift In London: Concerts, Brunches And Other Themed Events
Taylor Swift on stage, with the microphone in her right hand. She's gor blonde hair, red lipstick. and a gold and black dress.
Gen up on your T-Swizzle in London. Image: Eva Rinaldi via creative commons

Lover of all things Taylor Swift? Got a Reputation as a TS Mad Woman? Involved in a Love Story with every single one of her albums? Desperate for UK tickets to the Eras Tour? Yeah, us too.

In the meantime we've put together this guide to all things Taylor Swift in London, including Swift-themed brunches, club nights and concerts — plus and a few spots that Taylor herself has visited. 'Tis The Damn Season to celebrate all things T-Swizzle.

Swiftogeddon: Taylor Swift-themed nightclub

A crowd in a nightclub-style venue, dancing and facing a large screen which has an image of Taylor Swift. Confetti is falling from the ceiling
Image: Swiftogeddon

Taylor. Swift. Club. Night. Are there four more beautiful words in the English language? Swiftogeddon plays non-stop Taylor Swift tunes all night, from the big hits to lesser-known tracks and extended mixes — yep, it's one for hardcore Swifties. Lifesize cardboard Taylor Swift cutouts have even been spotted at previous events. Attendees tend to dress on a Taylor Swift theme (think replicas of tour outfits) so it's a great excuse to get Bejeweled and Stay Stay Stay out late — but you're just as welcome in a Cardigan.

Swiftogeddon pitches up at venues all over the UK, from Glasgow to Southampton, including pitstops at The Troxy in Limehouse every couple of months — which is nowhere near often enough if you ask us. Champagne Problems, we know.

The catch? Swiftogeddon events tend to sell out (Don't Blame Me) in advance — and even more so in the aftermath of a new album, single or tour date release, so if tickets for an upcoming date are your End Game, book now to avoid Teardrops On Your Guitar.

Check upcoming Swiftogeddon dates and book tickets.

Swifty-Oke: Taylor Swift sing-a-long at The Market House, Brixton

Taylor Swift singing on stage, wearing a gold sparkly dress with a gold microphone in her hand
Image: GabboT via creative commons

Pub-restaurant-loft venue Market House in Brixton has all sorts of niche fan events going on through the year (It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia quiz night, anyone?), including Swifty-Oke Taylor Swift karaoke night approximately once a month.

Lyrics show up on a giant screen as you sing along while a DJ spins TS hits all evening. There are prizes for best dressed and best singer, and endless chances to bust a move.

Also look out for The Ultimate Taylor Swift Quiz at the same venue — ideal if you're something of a TS Mastermind. It's a pub quiz with trivia, music, photo and missing lyric rounds all about Miss Americana herself. We'll give you this one for Sweet Nothing: Meredith Grey, Olivia Benson and Benjamin Button are likely to be the answers to at least one question.

Check upcoming events and book.

Tay Tay Brunch at The Aeronaut, Acton

This west London venue is best known for its circus acts, but given Taylor's skills at contorting herself through the country-folk-rock-alternative-pop spectrum (plus, who can forget that circus ringmaster costume at the finale of the Red tour?) The Aeronaut seems an apt place for a Taylor Swift-themed brunch.

The bottomless brunch gives you two hours to Shake It Off, fuelled on by unlimited prosecco, mimosas, Laine beers or cocktails — plus food, with music, sing alongs and dancing throughout.

Check upcoming dates and book.

Taylor Swift candlelight and tribute concerts

Taylor Swift on stage during the Red tour, wearing a red and gold sparkly ringmaster-style jacket, with black shorts
The Red tour outfit. Photo: jazills via creative commons

Every so often, orchestral concerts of Taylor Swift songs come to London (think Bridgerton-style instrumental covers, designed to give even the most unconvinced of fans an Epiphany). Some of them even take place by candlelight in venues such as Southwark Cathedral, which leaves the most amazing Afterglow.

It's worth keeping an eye on upcoming events at The Steel Yard near Cannon Street, as well as Fever's candlelight events, if this sounds like your idea of Happiness.

Kentish Delight kebab shop, Kentish Town

You Need To Calm Down — we've not lost the plot. This seemingly run-of-the-mill kebab shop located halfway between Kentish Town station and the O2 Forum shot to fame in 2018 when Taylor herself visited, or So It Goes...

It features — albeit briefly — in the End Game music video, more on which here. If you fancy following directly in Taylor's footsteps, she apparently had a chicken shish kebab with chilli sauce and plenty of salad.

London locations in London Boy

People walking through a pedestriansed area of Camden Market, with stalls on either side and the Camden Lock bridge overhead
"Babes don't threaten me with a good time". Photo: George Rex via creative commons

We've already done a deep dive of Swift's track London Boy, released on 2019 album Lover. But in case you fancy doing the full London Boy tour, I Know Places. Here's a quick reminder of all of the parts of the capital she namechecks, in order:

  • Camden Market (in the afternoon)
  • Highgate
  • The West End
  • The pub (watching rugby)
  • Nights in Brixton
  • Shoreditch (in the afternoon)
  • Hackney
  • Louis V(uitton) on Bond Street
  • The Heath (Hampstead, presumably)
  • Soho

When is Taylor Swift playing in London?

Taylor Swift singing on stage, with a large video of her face behind her, and confetti falling from the ceiling.
Image: Makaiyla Willis via creative commons

That was the million dollar question, and it was looking like a Cruel Summer for us UK fans, as she's booked to tour the US until August — until she announced her European tour dates, running May-August 2024.

If you're hoping to be one of The Lucky One(s) who scores tickets, we'd suggest leaving a Blank Space in your diary for 21-22 June and 16-17 August, as she's scheduled to play Wembley Stadium on those days. No, that's not a Hoax, we're getting TWO sets of London dates — what sort of Vigilante Sh*t is that?

Before the Eras Tour kicked off, she'd already made surprise London appearances on stage with Bon Iver and The 1975, so anything is possible. In the meantime, you can read our review of Taylor Swift at Wembley on the Fearless tour, all the way back in 2009.

Oh, and Taylor, if you're reading this, we'd love a couple of tickets for your London dates. What's that? You're On Your Own, Kid? Yeah, thought so.

Last Updated 21 June 2023

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