Taylor Swift Condescends To Visit A North London Kebab Shop In New Music Video

Harry Rosehill
By Harry Rosehill Last edited 65 months ago
Taylor Swift Condescends To Visit A North London Kebab Shop In New Music Video
This kebab shop is popping, look how excited bossman looks (far left)

So there's this reasonably famous popstar (you might have maybe heard of her), Taylor Swift. Any time she releases a smidgen of new material — music, video, a questionable tweet — the entire pop culture establishment goes crazy, mulling over every little detail to find hidden meanings behind Swift's every move. Usually, we steer clear of such coverage, but seeing as she's deigned to visit our fair city in her latest video End Game, we're throwing our hat into the ring.

The first half of the video is split between Miami where Tay Tay parties it up on a yacht, and Tokyo where T. Swizzle walks past lots of neon. Truly groundbreaking work, but we're only here for the London stuff.

Bicycles (presumably fixies) and a Vespa in one shot! Taylor we don't deserve you.

The London section opens with a shot of Taylor and some uber-hip mates hanging out in a non-descript London back alley. Key things to note is that Swifty's framed between a bicycle and a vespa. We're willing to put money on that bike being a fixie.

Next there are some party shots in a swish looking pad. Guess our invite got lost in the mail?

That better not be Carling. Craft beers only around here.

Taylor then moves onto a pub with her pals. She grabs a pint and raises it aloft. She handles this much better than most politicians awkwardly do when they try to look normal drinking beer. Bravo Taylor.


Moving on a little — yes we're going to skip past those awkward shots of her and (featured artist) Future pretending to be in the same room when they filmed this, even though they obviously weren't — and Taylor boards a London bus. Time to get excited guys: Taylor and moquette in the same shot.

That bus is definitely not in service. It could drop you anywhere Taylor, what if it went to... Croydon?

But wait, what's this? The bus blind is blanked out, it isn't in service. T, you should know, that trying to trick us into thinking you get public transport isn't cool. Also what a lucky coincidence that all those fireworks in different locations went off at the same time.

Looking rather messianic.

Finally, some epic shots on the Millenium Bridge with St Paul's in the backdrop (haven't we all done this?) before the video's denouement.

Taylor. And. Kebabs.

She's actually eating it. Obscured, sure, but eating, definitely.

Look at her. Handing out kebabs to the people of shop. She's the hero we need, but not the one we deserve.

Research tells us this lucky kebab shop is Kentish Delight in Kentish Town. Wonder if they'll see an upturn in business now she's visited, like the Chicken Connoisseur effect. Fans visiting and saying: "I'll have what Taylor had." Pro-tip, if you go do this, the key to enjoying the delicacy is to be five pints down first.

Thank you Taylor for introducing your fanbase to the best London has to offer.

Watch End Game beneath (skip to 2:16 for London):

Last Updated 12 January 2018