Play On The Guitar Of Your Dreams At This Gibson Showroom

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Last Updated 09 February 2024

Play On The Guitar Of Your Dreams At This Gibson Showroom
The Gibson Garage with walls covered in guitars
The Gibson Garage opens on 24 February.

300 guitars to pick up, sling over your shoulder, and play for free.

It sounds like a 15-year-old's dream (and let's face it, a 51-year-old's too) — and that's how the Gibson Garage plans to lure London's strummers, noodlers and sundry other axe-wielders through the doors, when it opens for business later this February.

This is the second immersive showroom from the guitar-making giants (the original is in Nashville), and as well as inviting you to live out your Jimi Hendrix/Belinda Butcher/Nigel Tufnel fantasies on the guitar of your choice, a downstairs stage hosts weekly live performances, showcases, and panel discussions from musicians — plus there's a revolving exhibition gallery, beginning with the works of rock 'n' roll photographer, Gered Mankowitz.

Of course, they'll also hope to shift a few guitars; those with the cash will be able to design made-to-measure guitars in the Gibson Custom Shop Murphy Lab, although we'd recommend taking a few lessons before making that kind of investment.

Situated on Eastcastle Street, just around the corner from Oxford Street, the Gibson Garage should help further revive the area's musicality — given that HMV has recently reopened too.

Oh, and we're just going to leave this here:

Gibson Garage, 61-62 Eastcastle Street, open 24 February 2024