London's Cabbies Have Just Released A Song That'll Drive You Round The Bend

Will Noble
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London's Cabbies Have Just Released A Song That'll Drive You Round The Bend

What's this all about then? London's cabbies are tired of groaning about the pony and trap they have to put up with on the car radio, and have decided to commandeer the music industry singlehandedly.

Singlehandedly? Well, with the help of a band called The Knowledge (not that Knowledge). And a frontman in the shape of Lee McDonald AKA Zammo off of Grange Hill.

What's the vibe? An Aldi knees-up. A Lidl Vindaloo. A Poundland Parklife. Featuring a 99p Stores Phil Daniels (sorry Zammo).

This guy makes some very angry phone calls throughout the song. We know not why

Oh right, any other accusations of plagiarism? Hang on, isn't that our mug?!

A right couple of mugs

Most cliched line? "He who is tired of London is tired of..." zzzzzz.

Weirdest line? "But not that tired, know what I mean?" Er, not really Zammo. As in you're not too tired to f**k us? Because your earthy wink heavily implies it.


Most awkward bit of the video? This game of 'spot the one person having fun on the shoot':

I mean...

Weirdest bit? Since when did London have a pebble beach? With the Major from Fawlty Tower standing in front of it?

Worst thing about this song? It'll burrow into the depths of your brain, and fart out its incessant cockerney melody in little bursts, for at least two weeks after being exposed to it.

Any redeeming features? Seems like a harmless bit of fun, with a nice message. Maybe a bit of a rip off of the whole 'London is Open' thing (we know how much cabbies love the mayor). It also features Maureen Lipman, who starred in the 1979 film The Knowledge and directed the 2017 stage show). She also treats us to an earthy wink. TAXI!

Last Updated 18 July 2019