See A Cyberman At The Science Museum

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Last Updated 21 July 2022

See A Cyberman At The Science Museum
A bronze coloured Cyberman mask on a silver body suit
Image (c) © Science Museum Group

A striking Doctor Who costume is on show, as part of the celebrations of the BBC's centenary.

From 27 July, you'll be able to see a genuine Cyberman costume at the Science Museum. The 6ft-tall silver-and-bronze suit dates from 1988 episode "Silver Nemesis", towards the end of show's first run.

The item is part of the new 'BBC at 100' exhibition celebrating the broadcaster's centenary. Alongside will be other remarkable objects from the Beeb's history. These include an ahead-of-its-time field recorder, used to gather news during the second world war; and a 1980s BBC microcomputer, which those of us of a certain vintage remember fondly from the classroom.

The display also looks at more recent developments, including a special boom pole used to maintain distance during the Covid pandemic, and a BBC Bitesize revision guide. But it's the Cyberman who'll be the real draw.

The moderately iconic foes are a mainstay of Who. They debuted in the final William Hartnell story The Tenth Planet, which also sees the Doctor regenerate for the first time (into Patrick Troughton). They've appeared many times since, including a run-in or two with 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker.

An early chance to see the exhibition comes during the museum's monthly Lates evening. Broadcast Lates, on 27 July, explores 100 years of broadcasting with talks, workshops and a have-a-go-yourself weather map. As ever, the Lates event is free, but needs booking in advance.

Doctor Who fans should keep their eyes on the Science Museum. The venue's blockbuster autumn exhibition, Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination, is hotly anticipated and opens on 6 October.

BBC at 100 is unveiled at the Science Museum on 27 July, and has no published end date. Entrance is free.