Quiz: Which Landmarks Have We Turned Our Backs On?

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Quiz: Which Landmarks Have We Turned Our Backs On?

Below are five views taken next to famous London museums or landmarks. The twist is, we've turned our backs to the well-known building and are looking the other way. How many of the locations can you work out? All images via Google Street View.

Don't be distracted by the weird phantom tourists. Which central landmark are we at?
A grand building, but not as grand as what's behind us.
A more humble street scene, but what lurks behind the camera?
The camera operator is attracting plenty of attention here... but what's behind?
Perhaps the trickiest one. What cultural attraction has this charming view?

Please add your answers to the comments. If any remain unguessed, we'll reveal the answers a week after publication.

Last Updated 08 February 2017

Brendan S

The last one has to be the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.


St Paul's Cathedral
Albert Hall
The Shard
Tower Bridge
V&A Museum of Childhood

David W

Queen Anne Statue
Royal Albert Hall
The Shard
HMS Belfast
The view from my old flat