Montezuma’s Opens Pop-Up Chocolate Recyclable Shop

By Alex Corey Last edited 52 months ago

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Last Updated 12 March 2020

Montezuma’s Opens Pop-Up Chocolate Recyclable Shop

Looking to get rid of some rubbish and get chocolate in return? Thanks to Montezuma, you can get treats for your trash.

The chocolate company recently made the shift to all entirely recyclable, compostable or biodegradable packaginga first for a British chocolate brand.

In order to honour celebrate the shift, Montezuma is launching its pop-up 'Waste Not, Want Not Recyclable Shop' in Covent Garden on 13-14 March to educate consumers on the company’s research and development journey.

Image: Montezuma's 'Waste Not, Want Not Recyclable Shop'

The featured treats may look like trash, but they're actually classic white chocolate, filled with a rich truffle centre, and hand-painted for a realistic finish. The goal is to imitate some of the biggest waste culprits in the UK food industry like sandwich wrappers and black sushi trays.

All event attendees need to do to get their hands on these chocolate delights is simply hand over their used food containers. Not only will consumers be helping reduce pollution, but there's also an added incentive of a decadent reward.

Image: Montezuma's 'Waste Not, Want Not Recyclable Shop'

In the window of the store will be a fully edible 3D artwork, made to replicate a trash bin overflowing with non-recyclable rubbish, to shed light on the amount of unrecycled waste that ends up on landfill each year. The realistic installation will be lit up 24 hours a day, to remind onlookers to make more sustainable choices when it comes to food.

Montezuma’s Chocolate Recyclable Shop, 67B Neal Street, Covent Garden, free admission 13-14 March.