Unreal City: A Map Of Fictional London

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Last Updated 23 October 2019

Unreal City: A Map Of Fictional London
Map of fictional London
Click or tap for larger size version of Greater Fictional London (warning, large file size).

Welcome to our growing map of Fictional London. Did you know...

Paddington Bear could pop round for a marmalade sandwich with his neighbour Evey Hammond from V for Vendetta.

Dr Jeckyll (and Mr Hyde) live across the street from Diagon Alley.

David Budd from Bodyguard lives within walking distance of Fleabag's cafe.

Check out the map for hundreds of fictional places and addresses. And see below for how to submit additions.

What have we mapped?

The map includes locations from novels, films, TV series, comics and computer games.

We've tracked down the homes of fictional characters, along with make-believe pubs, imagined shops, notional tube stations and non-existent boroughs. We've even found a fictional river.

Take a walk from Walford (Eastenders) in the east, to Curtisland (Monkey Dust) in the west. Explore the northern heights of Ham (The Book of Dave) or the southern streets of Valley Fields (PG Wodehouse novels). Relax in Tyrant's Gardens (Fallen London), or paddle along the Cuttle Canal (Lionel Asbo).

A zoom of Inner Fictional London. Click or tap for higher resolution.

Is there an index to the map?

Yes. We've put together a public spreadsheet listing every location, with notes on why we chose the given location. Access it via Google Drive.

Wait, you missed the home of that incidental character from Season 21, Episode 4 of Doctor Who. Please can you add it?

A map like this can never be complete. London's fictional space is all but infinite. We've started the map with over 700 locations, but much remains to be added.

As with previous maps Fake Britain and Blighty, we have opened the map up to reader contributions. If we've missed one of your favourite novels, films or TV shows, please do get in touch by emailing [email protected] or tweeting @mattfromlondon. Or go old-school, and leave a comment.

We're especially looking for locations outside of the centre. Whole swathes of Greater London, and much of Inner London are still empty. We're interested in central locations, too, but only the more mainstream additions will find room.

Do please suggest niche stuff. We might well say no, if it's in a part of the map that's already crowded, but everything is welcome in the unexplored hinterlands of Fictional London.

Typical bloody Londonist, ignoring the outer boroughs. They have fiction too, you know. Never heard of Peep Show?

Click or tap for larger version

Yes, we have. The master file of this map goes all the way out to the M25. It doesn't look the prettiest at the moment, because much of it is blank space, but we'd love to fill that in. Please do send us your best suggestions for Bromley, Sutton, Bexley, Havering and the rest, and we'll get mapping.

Who helped?

The map was created by Matt Brown and Rhys B Davies. We'll list the names of anybody who suggests a fictional location that we decide to use.

Special thanks to Tyler McChantelle who, as on previous maps, has provided many locations. Ditto Amanda Oliver, who continues to fill in blanks.

Additional thanks to: @brugeoise, Phil Douglas, @Joost, Tom Joyce, TomO, Kahani, Chris Roberts, Jay Roches, Melvyn Windebank and Marie-Claire Wyatt.