Never Get Lost Again - With This London Alleyways Map

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Never Get Lost Again - With This London Alleyways Map
A passage with high brick walls on either side, leading beneath a building, with many windows
Get exploring London's gullies, ginnels and snickets. Image: Blue Crow Media

Love London's alleyways but don't know your Almeida Passage from your Nursemaids' Tunnel?

You'll want to get your hands on the London Alleyways Map — a nifty, foldable number that marks out the city's most intriguing gullies, ginnels and snickets — from Oldbury Place near Baker Street out west, to Shoreditch's Fleet Street Hill in the east.

Every London Flaneur should have one of these in their back pocket. Image: Blue Crown Media

Scores of alleyways are mapped out on one side, then a sprinkling of info/pics on the other. You'll discover remnants of a Victorian Turkish bath down Craven Passage near Trafalgar Square; how Pickering Place was once home to Graham Greene; and that toilet attendants used to keep their pet goldfish in glass cisterns in the public toilets on Star Yard (or so it's said).

Elsewhere, discover London's narrowest street (it's 66cm wide); a Kafakaesque set of double yellows; and the alleyway where Bob Dylan recorded his seminal Subterranean Homesick Blues video (and thus inspired that sinister Love Actually scene decades later).

An alleyway lined with wood panelling. At the end is a square with a sundial
Pickering Place in St James's was home to novelist Graham Greene. Image: Blue Crow Media

The map's ideal for self-guided tours of the city, or just having handy in case you stumble across an unfamiliar alleyway, and want to swot up on it. Really, every Londoner should have one of these in their back pocket.

London Alleyways Map by Matthew Turner, published by Blue Crow Media, RRP £9.99

Last Updated 28 June 2022

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