London's Cat Sculptures: A Map

By M@
London's Cat Sculptures: A Map
A map of London with a dozen or more cat sculptures overlaid. Who knew that London had so many.
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There's more than one way to sculpt a cat. London is littered with faux felines, commemorating moggies real or fictional. We managed to find over a dozen examples across town, represented in the map above.

Because life's too short (even when you have nine), we've limited the graphic to domestic cats. London apparently has at least 10,000 lion sculptures, plus tigers and others that would soon create a cat's cradle were we to attempt a map. Most of the pussies on the graphic are sculptures, but we've also thrown in a few bits of street art for a bit of colour.

If you know of any other sculpted cats around town, let us know in the comments or email

Last Updated 29 January 2024

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