Take A Closer Look At this Football Map Of London

Will Noble
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Last Updated 19 July 2023

Take A Closer Look At this Football Map Of London
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It's football, but not as we know it.

At first glance, this beautifully-drawn map by Tony Hantz — AKA Mark Cowie — is a pretty straightforward topography of the capital's plentiful pitches. All the major players are there, including Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal and Crystal Palace.

I mean, if you say so

But when you drill down into the detail, things get stranger than Shteeve McClaren's momentary Dutchness.

Charlton Athletic were, according to Cowie's map, founded by Sir Bobby and Sir Jack Charlton in 1905. Phil Collins used to play for Brentford FC. 'Tottingham Hotspur' get on swimmingly with neighbouring rivals, 'The Gooners'. Hmm.

Pretty sure this is all true

It's all part of Cowie's zany sense of humour, which has also seen him create a map of the Lost Kingdom of Chesham and a marvellously mischievous map of London, laced with hilarious untruths.

Check out more of Cowie's cartoons on his Instagram: @TonyHantz