Vote Now For London's Worst Public Sculpture

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Vote Now For London's Worst Public Sculpture

Do you ever cringe as you walk past a statue or sculpture? Does public artwork ever make your skin crawl?

It's time to vote for London's least impressive sculpture.

Statue of Elizabeth I.
The bizarre statue of Elizabeth I at Westminster School — technically not a public sculpture, so not on the shortlist.

The London Society and London Historians* have joined forces to conduct this most important of polls. Last year, they asked for nominations; dozens were submitted. Now the list has been whittled down to a terrible ten.

The shortlist contains a mix of maligned monuments — from abstract sculptures to (perhaps controversially) war memorials. Some were chosen for sheer ugliness. Others were deemed to be unsuitable for the location, or inappropriate to the subject.

Take a look at the shortlist and cast your vote. Some of the inclusions may surprise.

The 'winner' will be announced at a special event on 26 February 2019. The evening will also include a series of talks about Londoners who should be commemorated but aren't.

*PS, both excellent organisations to join if you love exploring London's history and culture.

Last Updated 17 January 2019

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