Know Kids Smart Enough To Design A Train Station? This Competition's For Them!

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Know Kids Smart Enough To Design A Train Station? This Competition's For Them!

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a boy presents his engineering ideas
Get the smart kids in your life to enter this truly exciting engineering competition.

We all know some really smart kids — the kind that are so darned clever, they'll probably invent something that changes the world one day.

Well, now's the time to really let them shine — with a London-based competition that's so exciting, we're jealous that we're too old to enter it ourselves...

a library full of children learning about the ice competition
ICE (aka the Institution of Civil Engineers) wants kids to design a new London train station.

What's the deal? #ICanEngineer is a competition from ICE — aka the Institution of Civil Engineers — that's asking school kids to design a new London train station. Pretty cool idea, no?

To be clear, the station won't actually get built (as sweet as that would be). HOWEVER, this is a beautiful chance for kids to turn school knowledge into practical knowhow. They'll learn the power of problem solving, collaboration... AND get to meet real-life engineers.

kids huddle to discuss their ideas
Kids will learn the power of problem solving, collaboration, and get to meet real life engineers.

In fact, the #ICanEngineer competition is a great way to open doors to the engineering world, and even forge futures in the industry. Perhaps one day, some of the same minds will be working on Crossrail 4 or HS6.

Whether you're a proud parent, teacher, uncle, nan... make sure the kids in your life know about this unique opportunity!

kids gather round a sign that read 'challenging tofay, reinventing tomorrow'
The competition is great for collaborative fun, plus it opens doors in the engineering world.

How do kids enter the comp?

The #ICanEngineer competition is for secondary school pupils between 12 and 15 years old (school years 8-10).  It's absolutely FREE to take part. They just need to be at a school that's in a London borough. Just follow the link. Simple.

Are you a parent, guardian or teacher interested in getting kids involved? Email for more details. ICE can even arrange a school visit/workshop.

The deadline for entries is 24 January 2022. So start spreading the news!

Last Updated 16 December 2021