Have You Seen The Notes To Strangers, All Over Town?

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Have You Seen The Notes To Strangers, All Over Town?
Spotted in Vauxhall, by M@.

You can't walk around central London at the moment without chancing across one of these posters.

In Fitzrovia, by M@.

The Notes to Strangers paste-ups are the work of Andy Leek, who not only slaps positive messages onto street furniture, but also sticks cheery post-it notes inside copies of the Metro.

Another one in Fitzrovia, by M@.

There's a fine collection building on the Notes to Strangers Instagram.

Hanbury Street, Spitalfields, by M@.

The highly visual and positive tone of this wheeze has already attracted plenty of attention from sites such as Mashable and Huffington Post.

Round the back of the Hoxton Hotel, by M@.

The posters are nearly always on the back of electrical switch boxes or telephone kiosks. As Leek explained to Mashable, he thinks this will piss off fewer people than if he were pasting onto bricks-and-mortar property, though he is prepared to be fined if caught.

Tottenham Court Road, by M@.

Not everyone appreciates the militant positivity. A few posters have already vanished or been defaced.

Image taken in Victoria, by henry... under CC licence.

But overall, looking at the messages on Twitter and Instagram, people tend to appreciate the notices. As one poster says: 'There are many kinds of happiness. Try and collect them all.'

Last Updated 31 October 2016