Rare Chance To Step Onto The Dinosaur Islands In Crystal Palace Park

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Rare Chance To Step Onto The Dinosaur Islands In Crystal Palace Park
Dinosaurs with stereotypical explorer in Crystal Palace Park.
Tour guide Anthony Lewis inspects the dinosaurs.

The Crystal Palace dinosaurs are having an open day. It's a rare chance to set foot on the islands that are home to the 165-year-old models.

On 15 September 2019, Friends of Crystal Palace Dinosaurs will lead tours onto the islands. You'll get an up-close glimpse of the historic sculptures, beloved by generations of visitors to Crystal Palace Park.

The open day will also feature story-telling, paleo-planting, expert talks, art fun for the kids and much more besides.

One of the many Crystal Palace dinosaurs that isn't actually a dinosaur.

The models were erected when knowledge about dinosaurs was limited. Their anatomy is famously faulty. Less well known is that only a handful of the models actually represent dinosaurs, though they are collectively known by this nickname.

The dinosaurs are Grade-I listed, which means they have the same protection as St Paul's Cathedral and Buckingham Palace.

The dinosaur visit is on 15 September 2019, and part of Heritage Open Days. Tickets for the tours are free but must be booked in advance. Other activities do not need booking.

Last Updated 06 September 2019