See The 'Wild Table Of Love' Animal Sculpture In Paternoster Square

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Last Updated 30 June 2022

See The 'Wild Table Of Love' Animal Sculpture In Paternoster Square
A table of food surrounded by large mammals (bronze ones)
Image courtesy Paternoster Square

We were walking past St Paul's Cathedral the other day, when we noticed a zebra dining with a lion and and giraffe.

This isn't a PR stunt for a new Madagascar movie, but a temporary art installation. Called Wild Table of Love, the huge tableau features a circle of bronze animals tucking into platefuls of food.

St Paul's dome overhead, and down below lots of bronze animals round a table
Image Matt Brown

It's the most bonkers banquet since the Mad Hatter's tea party... and it, too, includes a rabbit.

That rabbit may give you a clue to the sculptors. This is the work of Gillie and Marc, whose Rabbitwoman and Dogman sculptures are frequent visitors to our city. The prolific duo are also behind the chimp sculptures near London Bridge, and the recent exhibition of bronze lions near Waterloo.

Wide shot of the animal table in the middle of Paternoster Square
Image Matt Brown

This new installation is endearing, to say the least. Two seats at the table have been left free, so that passers-by can sit down with the animals and enjoy the mock repast.

Besides the rabbit and dog, the table features 10 of the most beloved mammals on the planet, including several endangered species.

Another shot of bronze animals around a banquet table
Image Matt Brown

The sculpture will be in place until May 2023, so you've plenty of time to visit and become part of the Wild Table of Love.