Ever Been To This Central London Lavender Garden?

Last Updated 10 June 2024

Ever Been To This Central London Lavender Garden?
A row of terraced houses overlooking rows of purple lavender
Not a bad view from your bedroom window.

There are several beautiful lavender farms surrounding the capital, but did you know about the lavender garden in central London?

Vauxhall Park has had a purple-hued swathe of the aromatic plant since 2003, when it was planted to commemorate the centenary of local company Vauxhall Motors: the first Vauxhall car was assembled at a site nearby in 1903, though the company relocated to Luton a couple of years later.

A ladybird on a stalk of lavender.

These days, a handful of rows of lavender run in parallel lines in the southern corner of Vauxhall Park. Spacious enough to walk between, it's worth wandering up and down: in the centre of the lavender, you'll find a clearing. On the floor, a human sundial invites you to step onto the current month, and (on a sunny day) your body will cast a shadow over the current time, as shown on the smaller stones nearby. On overcast days, it's often used as a picnic slab instead by hungry parkgoers instead.

A stone rectangle embedded in the grass with the months of the year carved into it

The fact that the site used to be the park's bowling green helps with the drainage that lavender needs to thrive.

In addition to the lavender, a rather beautiful commemorative fountain was installed in the park in 2020, featuring a mosaic of the lavender by the London School of Mosaics. You can find it between the park's model village and the children's playground, just beyond the fenceline of the Fawcett Garden. Presumably it looks even better when water is flowing.

A circular fountain, empty of water but lined with mosaics of lavender

Where to find central London's lavender garden

People sitting among rows of purple lavender

Vauxhall Park's lavender can be found within the Fawcett Garden — a sensory garden in the south-east corner of the park. The park itself is a couple of minutes walk from Vauxhall station, with regular National Rail trains to Waterloo, as well as the Victoria line, and Vauxhall Bus Station.

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