Fairies And Pixies Spotted Across Islington

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Fairies And Pixies Spotted Across Islington

A touch of fairy magic can be found in Islington.

A fairy in Islington

We're on the corner of Canonbury Place and Alwyne Villas. Here, in the dawn shadow of the Canonbury Tower, a sorry-looking robinia stump has become a joyful home for fairies, gnomes and pixies.

The Canonbury Fairies took up residence towards the end of last year, not long after the tree had been felled. Their converted home includes a crooked chimney, rock garden and bird box.

Canonbury fairies

The dwelling changes with the seasons. Locals have spotted a remembrance poppy, a Christmas stocking and now Easter eggs around the stump.

The magical bower is one of several fairy communities to appear across Islington. No one knows who they are or what they are doing, but they are a happy sight indeed.

Pixie house in Canonbury

Sadly, this particular enchanted stump has faced its share of adversity. The uppermost fairy (top image) has taken a punishing blow, while the two pucks guarding the entrance have lost their heads completely.

Pixies and a Minion guard the door

Despite these set-backs, the fairy stump remains a magical sight to behold. If you have children — or indeed an Instagram account — pop over and say hello sometime.

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Last Updated 22 March 2019

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