Are London's Parakeets Going To Be Culled?

By Lydia Manch Last edited 35 months ago
Are London's Parakeets Going To Be Culled?

London's parakeets: beloved at Londonist HQ (exhibit A: editor-at-large Matt Brown covered in them, below).

They're not universally loved, though. A non-native species, ring-necked parakeet numbers across the UK are put at roughly 50,000 — with the highest concentration in London. In competition with native species for food sources and nesting sites, there's a risk the swell in parakeet numbers could drive other bird species into decline.

Other cities have seen a similar rise in parakeet numbers — including Manchester and Amsterdam — and several Spanish cities have a growing presence of another species, the monk parakeet, with Madrid planning a cull of more than 11,000.

Londonist's Matt Brown: absolute bird magnet. (sorry) (it was right there)

A UK cull's been touted occasionally over the years with no obvious effect, though it has been and remains legal for landowners to shoot the birds without special licence. Focus on a cull seems to have intensified this winter, though (slow year, tbf? Not loads else the government might need to be focusing on?) with a Telegraph exclusive revealing a government source has stated Defra is in 'discussions' about a government-ordered cull. There's no further public comment on it from Defra or elsewhere in government yet.

The RSPB's position is that they don't currently support a parakeet cull, but they do think the spread of parakeets and impact on other species needs to be carefully tracked.

We'll keep you posted. In the meantime, see our short instructional video on parakeet-charming.

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Last Updated 03 January 2021