After 16 Years, London Bridge Water Feature Is Filled In

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Last Updated 20 June 2018

After 16 Years, London Bridge Water Feature Is Filled In

More London just got More Bland.

The corporates-and-cafes space beside City Hall has deleted one of its most distinctive features, a 260-metre fissure that has run with water since the start of the Millennium.

The water feature, known as The Rill, brought a touch of character to a slate-grey walkway of chain restaurants. It served as an aqueous connector between the jumping fountains near City Hall and the sedate water benches opposite London Bridge Station.

On our visit today (6 June), the gouge was three-quarters filled in. The remaining section is free of water and will soon vanish beneath new setts.

To be honest, we're surprised it's lasted this long. The water channel must have claimed more than a few twisted ankles over the years, especially now half of us walk around with our eyes glued to smartphones. Had someone proposed its installation now, we'd be calling it 'placemaking gone mad' rather than the 'health and safety gone mad' that seems to have provoked its removal. Even so, we're sorry to see it go.

Ever seen someone take a tumble in The Rill? Tell us below in the comments.

Update: there's now a petition to bring The Rill back.