15 Free Guided Tours In Westminster This August

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15 Free Guided Tours In Westminster This August
A signpost pointing out various central London landmarks
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A series of guided walks around the City of Westminster takes place in August — all of them free.

As part of the borough's Inside Out festival, 15 different walks will be led by members of Westminster Guides between 2-29 August, exploring everything from nursery rhymes to LGBTQ+ history. A few highlights:

  • Nursery Rhyme Ramble: How well-known rhymes featuring the likes of Lucy Locket and Humpty Dumpty actually link to a number of buildings and establishments in central London, including Carlton House Terrace, Marlborough House and Banqueting House. (3 and 17 Aug)
  • Screen Gems: Visit 'Flicker Alley', where many of the country's silent movie companies set up shop in the early 1900s, and discover how many of the area's grand picture houses fell from grace, winding up as X-rated cinemas. (9 and 13 Aug)
  • Out of the Shadows: The relationship between James I and George Villiers kicks off this exploration of London's queer denizens, who historically have often been forced to live in the shadows for fear of persecution. Alan Turing, molly houses, and trans fencer Chevalier D'Eon also star. (11 and 23 Aug)
  • Scientists and Monsters: Some of the great scientists have not just helped shape history, but also inspired fictional monsters. Ada Lovelace and Charles Darwin make an appearance on this walk... as does a certain Count Dracula. (27 Aug)

Find a complete list of the walks, and book your place on them, on Eventbrite.

Last Updated 26 July 2023