Vegan Cheesemonger Opens In Brixton

Harry Rosehill
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Vegan Cheesemonger Opens In Brixton
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It's official, London has hit peak vegan. The UK's first vegan cheesemonger has opened in Brixton, punnily named La Fauxmagerie.

The shop, opened by sisters Charlotte and Rachel Stevens (no, not that one), sells plant-based 'cheeses', along with your standard cheesemonger items like bread and relishes. The 'cheese' is made using a variety of methods including blending cashews and coconut oil.

Predictably and somewhat pathetically, the dairy industry has hit out at the Fauxmagerie. A spokesperson complained that customers might be misled by the term cheese, as this isn't actually cheese. It's almost as though they don't want people to buy alternatives to dairy... weird, that.

La Fauxmagerie is open Wednesday-Sunday in Brixton Village.

Last Updated 13 February 2019